The latest version of cloudscribe SimpleContent has a great new set of features powered by the new content template system. Content templates make it easy to edit content and have advanced layouts without much risk that the user can mess up the intended layout. Content templates work with both pages and blog posts. You can easily develop your own custom content templates as well, see the developer documentation for content templates to learn more.

A Nice Set of Content Templates in the Box

We've included a set of nice content templates that add new features including:

  • An Image Gallery with easy drag, drop, and crop. You get an optional content section above and below the gallery. There are 6 gallery layouts to choose from, cards, grid, and compact layouts use a nice lightbox to show the full size image when the thumbnail is clicked. The other 3 layouts use boostrap carousel, either full width, or floated left or right so content wraps around the carousel.
  • 1 to 4 section template with an image for each section and several layouts to choose from. It can be equal width responsive columns or sections with images floated to alternate sides.
  • 2 column layout template with either the right or left column wider.
  • A Bing map centered on an address you provide, with optional content above and below the map. Users can also get driving directions to the address.
  • A list of links with title, and optional image and description per link
  • Image floated left or right with content wrapping the image

Easy Publishing Workflow with Edit history

There is also a new easy publishing workflow for drafting and publishing new content and changes to existing content.

screen shot of publish buttons

New content will not appear to non-editors until published. You can draft changes to already published content without impacting the currently published version. A history of all edits is kept and previous versions can easily be restored to the editor. This works for standard content and for content based on content templates.

Try It Out Yourself!

If you are new to cloudscribe SimpleContent, now is a great time to give it a try, we think it is the most user friendly open source content system available. See the introduction to get started.

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Huge thanks goes out to exeGesIS Spatial Data Management for sponsoring the development effort to build the content template system as well as the new draft publishing workflow with history of every edit and ability to restore previous versions to the editor. These were major improvements that make SimpleContent truly easy to use even for non-technical people.