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While cloudscribe is a set of components, our StarterKit applications can be thought of as ready to go stand alone applications that have the components all wired up for you. For sites that just need editable content and a blog, cloudscribe may provide everything you need. Since the StarterKits are Visual Studio solutions, they are also ready to go to add your own code and custom functionality. All of the individual components are available via Nuget, and the source code is available on GitHub. This site is built with cloudscribe components.

We also have plans for some commercial "cloudscribe" components coming soon. Get the Starter Kits

Main Component Groups

cloudscribe Core

cloudscribe Core (GitHub) is a set of components that provides a multi-tenant (or single tenant) web application foundation with everything you need for managing sites, users, roles, and claims. It is an implementation of ASP.NET Identity, but with full management capabilities already built for you unlike the standard ASP.NET Identity implemenmtation. With optional IdentityServer4 integration it provides a complete solution for protecting APIs with OpenID Connect. For data storage it supports Microsoft Sql Server, MySql, or PostgreSql via Entity Framework.

cloudscribe SimpleContent

cloudscribe SimpleContent (GitHub) is a set of components providing editable pages and blog posts. It supports the Metaweblog API and can be used with Open Live Writer in addition to editing right in the web browser. For smaller sites it can work without a database, storing content as files on disk. It also supports database storage via Entity Framework with current implementations for Microsoft Sql Server, MySql, and PostgreSql. cloudscribe SimpleContent can work with cloudscribe Core as the user back end or with cloudscribe SimpleAuth

Other Popular Components


cloudscribe.Web.Navigation (GitHub) is a solution for Menus, navigation, and breadcrumbs for any ASP.NET Core MVC application. It has no dependencies on other "cloudscribe" components and can be used for any MVC project.


cloudscribe.Web.Pagination (GitHub) is a solution for paged lists for any ASP.NET Core MVC application. It has no dependencies on other "cloudscribe" components and can be used for any MVC project. It supports both ajax and standard link pagination.


NoDb (GitHub) is a storage solution for small projects or prototypes. It takes the NoSql concept one step further requiring "no database" at all. It provides file system storage with objects serialized by default to JSON, but is very extensible and you can plugin other custom serialization if needed. It provides basic queries and commands for saving and retrieving objects. You can also retrieve all objects of a type and then query further using LINQ.

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I offer consulting services on a case by case basis depending on availability and whether the project sounds like a good fit. By building on cloudscribe components I can save you a lot of time and get results quickly. Contact me if you would like to discuss your project needs.

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