The move to .NET 5 begins

This is our first post here since our adoption of cloudscribe from Joe Audette! And it's to let people know we're starting the upgrade of all cloudscribe components to .NET 5. This is a significant upgrade, so we expect it to take a few weeks, and we'll post again when it's complete.

Find out more about .NET 5 here, and the list of breaking changes we will have to look out for!

Side by side with this work, for release shortly afterwards if everything goes to plan, we'll be working on a new Bootstrap 5 presentation layer, that will then become the default for a new cloudscribe project built using our Visual Studio project template

We should probably also mention some of the improvements we've made to cloudscribe:-

  • SimpleContent now has more sophisticated handling of versions and drafts, especially when using Content Templates.
  • We gave the TalkAbout Forums product a bit of a makeover, fixed lots of bugs, and added a configurable file upload capability.
  • When using multi-tenancy we added a new mode to help administrators, called "RootUserCanSignInToTenants Mode"  - see the documentation for more details.
  • We've fixed NoDB bugs that prevented using markdown.
  • We improved the registration page experience and fixed a bug that could cause hangs.
  • And we've fixed a load of other niggles and made lots of small improvements thanks to the feedback from cloudscribe users. Please do post in our Forums, comment on any of our documentation pages, or post issues in the various cloudscribe component GitHub repositories!

And of course we've been using cloudscribe components to build some great new applications for clients, such as the York Historic Environment Record. They love that their projects are built on a fully open source stack, and using cloudscribe means we can focus our effort on what's unique about their requirements and deliver best value. If you'd like help building an application on cloudscribe, please feel free to contact us.

City or York Historic Environment Record website, built with cloudscribe