Using the Bootstrap DatePicker

cloudscribe.Web.Common provides unobtrusive javascript for wiring up bootstrap datepicker

In your .cshtml view file you need this:

@section Styles {
    @{ await Html.RenderPartialAsync("_DatePickerCssPartial"); }

<input asp-for="YouDatePropertOnYourViewModel" class="form-control" 

@section Scripts {
    @{ await Html.RenderPartialAsync("_DatePickerScriptsPartial"); }

There are lots of options for bootstrap datepicker and lots of supported data- attributes not shown in the example above. To find all the supported data- attributes see the javascript cloudscribe-datepicker-bootstrap-unobtrusive.js

By default this datepicker uses glyphicons which are included in bootstrap3, but as shown above we have a setting if you want to use fontawesome classes for the icons.

Note that you also need to add css for the datepicker, normally you will have a section for scripts and styles in your layout allowing you to add them from your views as shown above.

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