cloudscribe Newsletter Solution

$49.00 Activation Per Host Name Product License

A basic solution for publishing a newsletter or other mailing lists and managing subscribers. 


  • Management of email lists
  • Sign up widget view component
  • Message creation and editing in the web browser
  • Email processing queue
  • Optional integration with cloudscribe Core so users can subscribe as part of the site registration process and manage their subscriptions at any time

How it works

You compose messages and then send the message to any list you have defined with subscribers. The message is added to the email queue, and then an email queue processor periodically processes the messages and send them to the list subscribers. The email queue processor can be implemented as a console application and triggered via Windows Task Scheduler or as a Cron task on linux. Alternatively, you can use Hangfire integration which provides Cron like task scheduling implemented as background processing right in the web application.


  • For data storage you need either Microsoft SqlServer, PostgreSql, or MySql
  • To process the email queue you need to either use Hangfire integration, or setup a scheduled task using either Windows Task Scheduler or Linux Cron tasks.


The newsletter solution does not depend on cloudscribe Core but has great integration with cloudscribe Core, so that email list sign ups can be integrated into the registration process and managed from the user account. The integration with cloudscribe Core also supports multi-tenancy so each tenant site can have site specific email lists.