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All our premium products are licensed per hostname (not per domain). For example and are 2 different hostnames.

  1. Create the License Activation for your hostname.
  2. Purchase the generated License Activation by proceeding to checkout.
  3. Once the payment is made you will be able to download the license file. The license file needs to be installed either in the root of your web application, or in a sub folder named "LicenseFiles".
  4. After you install the license file, any trial version notifications or other trial version limitations in the product will be removed.

Product license activations are per hostname. Refunds are not provided once a license file has been downloaded. Please make sure the host name shown is the correct one for where you intend to use this product.

When you click the "Create License Activation" button below a license activation will be generated but you won't be able to download it until you make make payment in the next step. The current price for this product license is $20.00.

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