this tag is for anything Azure related
cloudscribe Core is a single or multi-tenant web application foundation providing managing sites, users, roles, claims, and more
cloudscribe.UserProperties.Kvp makes it easy to add custom user properties to the registration, user account, and user management pages using configured KVP (Key Value Pair) settings and storage.
cloudscribe.FileManager.Web is the library that handles user file uploads and provides the file manager and file browsing UI, as well as javascript to support drag and drop fiel uploading for cloudscribe Core and SimpleContent.
cloudscribe.Forms is a custom form and survey solution for ASP.NET Core
cloudscribe TalkAbout Forums add question and answer forums to your website to support and develop your community. Use this tag for anything related to the Forums product.
IdentityServer4 is a solution for openidconnect authentication and issuing of JWT (JSON Web Tokens) tokens. There is also ready made integration between IdentityServer4 and cloudscribe Core with full management of IdentityServer4 clients, apis, identity resources and operational data.
cloudscribe Membership Paywall provides an easy solution for managing access permissions to your premium content, with ecommerce using Stripe to process payments.
cloudscribe.Web.Navigation is a solution for menus, breadcrumbs, and navigation for asp.net core mvc
cloudscribe Newsletter is a simple solution for publishing a newsletter or ad hoc email notifications, and managing lists of subscribers
cloudscribe.Web.Pagination is a pagination library for asp.net core MVC
PwaKit is a set of libraries that make it easier to build progressive web apps that work offline and support push notifications
cloudscribe SimpleContent is a blog and content engine that can work with or without cloudscribe Core and can work with or without a database.
cloudscribe TalkAbout Comment System provides a GDPR-friendly commenting system
a tag for questions about creating themes for cloudscribe web applications