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While cloudscribe is a set of components, they can easily be assembled into complete applications in various feature configurations using our project template for Visual Studio 2017 or our project template for the dotnet new command. See the Introduction for more details. All of the individual components are available via Nuget, and the source code is available on GitHub. This site is built with cloudscribe components.

We also have plans for some commercial "cloudscribe" components coming soon. If you like cloudscribe, please register on this site and sign up for our newsletter.

Watch this video demo to learn how easy it is to create web applications with the cloudscribe project template for Visual Studio.

Main Component Groups

cloudscribe Core

cloudscribe Core (Documentation | NuGet | GitHub) is a set of components that provides a multi-tenant (or single tenant) web application foundation with everything you need for managing sites, users, roles, and claims. It is an implementation of ASP.NET Identity, but with full management capabilities already built for you unlike the standard ASP.NET Identity implementation. With optional IdentityServer4 integration it provides a complete solution for protecting APIs with OpenID Connect. For data storage it supports Microsoft Sql Server, MySql, SQLite, or PostgreSql via Entity Framework Core, or NoDb "no database" file system storage.

cloudscribe SimpleContent

cloudscribe SimpleContent (Documentation | NuGet | GitHub) is a set of components providing very user friendly editable pages and blog posts using HTML or Markdown. It supports the Metaweblog API and can be used with Open Live Writer in addition to editing right in the web browser. For smaller sites it can work without a database, storing content as files on disk via NoDb "no database" file system storage. It also supports database storage via Entity Framework Core with current implementations for Microsoft Sql Server, MySql, SQLite, and PostgreSql. cloudscribe SimpleContent can work with cloudscribe Core as the user back end or with cloudscribe SimpleAuth

Other Components

In addition to the "big" features, cloudscribe Core and cloudscribe SimpleContent, there are lots of smaller component libraries that are useful in solving common problems and will save you time. See the Complete list of cloudscribe libraries to learn more.

Need Help?

Source Tree Solutions offers consulting services on a case by case basis depending on availability and whether the project sounds like a good fit. By building on cloudscribe components we can save you a lot of time and get results quickly. Contact us if you would like to discuss your project needs.

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